Couples Start 2021 as Newlyweds

Cordova Mayor Teche Sitoy-Cho officiated her first civil wedding ceremony for four couples for the year 2021 on Monday, January 4, 2020.

John Aries M. Pellosis, 25, and Jessa M. Dihayco, 25, are workmates. Pellosis works as a ramp team leader and Dihayco is a guest services agent.

The couple decided to start their own family and bring their one-year relationship into the next level through a civil union.

Their sponsors were Samuel Tampus, Delia Tampus, Virginia Dihayco and Felipe Dihayco.

Robert and Angeline

Robert Nino Nochele, 27, and Angeline Inoc, 29, met though the social media in 2015. Nochele is a seafarer while Inoc worked as a hotelier.

They decided to meet in person before Nochele was to go to another country and became a couple.

They decided to take the plunge after years of being in a relationship and their union was witnessed by Maria Sofia Moriles, Marina Berdin, Alma Matedios Joseph Nochele, Joselito Tejano and Alex Ligan.

Mark and Kristine

Mark Patrick I. Reyes, 31, and Kristine C. Bayno, 34, met through a common friend. Reyes’ workmate happened to be Bayno’s high school classmate.

Reyes is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) while Bayno is as a bookkeeper.

The couple tied the knot after three years in a relationship, attested by Reinnah Quijoy, Jeffrey Quijoy, Ma. Lourdes Rubi and Samuel Rubi.

Harold and Jamaica

Harold Ecoy, 25, and Jamaica Jumao-as,23, started getting close to each other due to their school activities during college.

They were both chosen as masters of ceremonies during their IT days. “Nagsugod ko ug ka fall niya tungod sa pick up lines nga ‘wala ka kapoya partner? Ganina pa raba ka gadagan-dagan sa akong huna-huna’,“ said Jumao-as.

The couple even become workmates at a fast-food chain and became bestfriends then lovers.

They got hitched after four years of being boyfriend and girlfriend. Their union was vouched by Marie Ann Jumao-as, Rick Jumao-as, Dominador Aytona, Raquil Rabi, Emmanuel Tura, Angel Tura.

VIA Cordova PIO