Infrastructure Sector


In the past five (5) years, the Municipality of Cordova implemented various infrastructure projects funded out of its local funds and/or from the national government and through public-private partnerships.  The following are the major physical infrastructure projects of Cordova:

The concept is also illustrated in the figure below:

Facilities and Utilities

The seat of municipal government is located at the center of the town (in Poblacion).  It is proximate to the Roman Catholic Church, Public Plaza, Sports Complex and the Cordova Public Market.  The Police Station and the Fire Station as well as the Birthing Center and the Senior Citizens’ Day Center and Children’s Daycare Center are also located within the vicinity.

Schools, public and private are dispersed all throughout the municipality.  Private clinics and barangay health stations are also found in every barangay to cater to the health needs of the community.

Other infrastructure facilities include the library hub which is lodged at Cordova Central School, the Public Museum which made use of the Old Municipal Building, and the Cordova Public College building in Gabi, Cordova, Cebu.  Basketball or covered courts are also available in the barangays which accommodate sports and cultural activities and also serve as temporary evacuation centers in times of catastrophes.

Other structures are built and operated by private and business owners.   These include commercial, tourism and resort facilities that accommodate local and foreign tourists.

Basic utilities are also available such as power (provided by Mactan Electric Company), water (provided by Metro Cebu Water District, and communication services (Philippine Long Distance Telephone and Globelines as well Smart, SUN, Globe, and Talk  ‘n Text.  Carriers and kwarta padala centers are also available within the town.

Table 10 below shows the available infrastructure resources in Cordova, its location and area occupied:

Table 10. Infrastructure Resources

Municipal HallPoblacion1,644
Cordova Public MuseumPoblacion140
Cordova Sports ComplexPoblacion1,784
Cordova Public MarketPoblacion3,358
Cordova Public Plaza I & IIPoblacion1,728
Cordova Senior Citizens’ Day CenterPoblacion64
Poblacion Daycare CenterPoblacion69
Cordova RORO PortCamolinas, Poblacion1,609
Cordova Police StationPoblacion222
Cordova Fire StationPoblacion257
Cordova Public CollegeGabi, Cordova2,812
Cordova Central SchoolPoblacion11,388
Gabi Elementary SchoolGabi3,652
Alegria Elementary SchoolAlegria2,208
Gilutongan Elementary SchoolGilutongan4,756
Gilutongan Sanctuary GuardhouseGilutongan64
Catarman Elementary SchoolCatarman2,022
Day-as Elementary SchoolDay-as4,766
Cordova National High SchoolDay-as6,165
Bangbang Elementary SchoolBangbang2,175
Buagsong Elementary SchoolBuagsong1,782
Pilipog Elementary SchoolPilipog5,834
Ibabao Elementary SchoolIbabao2,435
Cordova Public HospitalPilipog4,471

All in all, the total area dedicated for public infrastructure resources is more or less 65,405 square meters or 6.5 hectares.   In 2017, Cordova invested a total of P38,032,500.00 in infrastructure development which is about 26% of the town’s total budget.

Road Network

Cordova is crisscrossed by a total of 30.15 kilometers of public road.  The Mactan Circumferential Road (MCR) traversed the town from Pilipog Bridge (Babag II side) to the tip of Barangay Gabi (Marigondon side), about 8 kilometers long.  This is the national road.

The MCR is complemented by provincial, municipal, and barangays that networks all barangays of Cordova except the island barangay of Gilutongan.

Table  below shows the inventory of national, municipal and barangay roads.  Cordova’s road networks have a total stretch of 30,150 meters or 30.15 kilometers.

Inventory of Existing Roads; By Type and Description

(in meters)

National Road

Mactan Circumferential Road (Gabi – Ibabao)

% Share14.93 

Provincial Road

Poblacion Crossroad to Day-as Wharf

% Share5.31 

Municipal Road

Poblacion Crossroad to Bantayan Wharf

% Share2.26 
Barangay Roads  
Gabi Camino – Alegria Tumoy700

500 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 200 meters is for concreting

Alegria Tumoy to Alegria Golden Meadows area1,100

800 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 300 meters is for concreting

Centennial Avenue (Alegria – Poblacion)535Good
Intramuros – Poblacion500

200 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 300 meters for concreting

Camolinas, Poblacion1,300

1,000 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 300 meters is for concreting

Public Plaza – Ka Tura, Poblacion (New Road)400Good
Agad-agad, Poblacion600

500 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 100 meters is for concreting

Calan-Poso, Poblacion (Kasadya)385Good
Poso, Poblacion – Cemetery500For concreting
Bantayan to RORO Port1,235Good
Catarman Road700

200 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 500 meters is for concreting

Cansubing – Catarman400

300 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 100 meters is for concreting

Public Plaza to Cansubing270For concreting
Buagsong Road800Good 

1,000 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 800 meters is for concreting

Bangbang – Ka Tura (Poblacion, new road)545For concreting
Day-as – Bangbang500Good 
San Miguel1,300

900 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 400 meters is for concreting

Pilipog – Kasambagan400For concreting
Dapitan – Dapitan Centro800Good
Highway Dapitan – Cogon600Good
Cogon Proper1,000Good but 325 meters  is for asphalt overlay
Ibabao Highway to Ibabao Elementary School1,300

970 meters is in good condition while 330
is for asphalt overlay

Ibabao Barangay Hall to Bangkal Tumoy1,200

400 meters is in good condition; 400 meters
is for concreting; 400 meters is dirt road

BLISS Ibabao700

350 meters is in good condition while the
remaining 350 meters is still dirt road

% Share76.96 
Over-all Total30,365